step back

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w>step back

(fig) to step back from somethingvon etw Abstand gewinnen; let us step back into the 18th centuryversetzen wir uns einmal ins 18. Jahrhundert zurück
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He set it in front of him, and whilst he was looking at it attentively, such a thick smoke came out that he had to step back a pace or two.
The old gentleman took a step back, with the air of one very much surprised and a trifle hurt; and at that Mr.
As we take much interest in the novel enterprise of this eastern man," and are pleased with his pushing and persevering spirit; and as his movements are characteristic of life in the wilderness, we will, with the reader's permission, while Captain Bonneville is breaking up his camp and saddling his horses, step back a year in time, and a few hundred miles in distance to the bank of the Bighorn, and launch ourselves with Wyeth in his bull boat; and though his adventurous voyage will take us many hundreds of miles further down wild and wandering rivers; yet such is the magic power of the pen, that we promise to bring the reader safe to Bear River Valley, by the time the last horse is saddled.
Her mother's pride in the girl's appearance led her to step back, like a painter from his easel, and survey her work as a whole.
Then suddenly, with the same resolution with which he used to strike hands when making a good purchase, he took a step back and turning up his sleeves began raking the snow off Nikita and out of the sledge.
If you have stepped back from dealing directly with customers because of management demands, step back in and get some feedback.
The 6-foot playmaker, his hair pulled back by a hairband, then, decided to take a step back before swishing a three.
August 4 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump is all set to step back onto the campaign trail in West Virginia and would use the campaign rally to make a "very big announcement.
Such events demand an international response, so we see Brexit as an opportunity not to step back from European defence but to step up to strengthen Euro-Atlantic security.
Visitors can step back in time and find out what life was like for a 17th-century soldier and speak to the villagers to hear their fears and thoughts.
RICKY BURNS will take what he hopes is his latest step back towards the top rung of world boxing when he faces Josh King for the vacant WBO intercontinental lightweight title at the ECHO Arena in Liverpool on November 7.
MARK STAUNTON is ready to make the step back into the juniors after quitting Stirling Albion.