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 (stĕp′făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
n. pl. step·fam·i·lies
A family with one or more stepchildren.


(ˈstɛpˌfæmɪlɪ; ˈstɛpˌfæmlɪ)
n, pl -lies
a family created by a second union in which there are stepchildren or step-parents


(ˈstɛpˌfæm ə li, -ˌfæm li)

n., pl. -lies.
a family composed of a parent, a stepparent, and a child or children by a previous marriage.
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"We value working together and fostering relationships within the Career Step family. Our new building enhances the opportunity to bring employees closer together and provide them an atmosphere that better matches our position in healthcare education."
Much loved father, grandfather and brother and greatly missed by his step family. Funeral Service at 2.30 p.m.
Channels in the UK and US are currently planning 100s of new shows and are, among others, looking for unusual roommates, teenage mothers, the ultimate step family, married couples living with their parents, and young people wanting makeovers, so they'll continue to thrive.
SAR-I-PUL (PAN): Unable to cope with regular physical abuses by her step family,
Salt and minerals supplier North American Salt Company, a subsidiary of minerals producer Compass Minerals (NYSE:CMP), has added a new pet-friendly product to its Safe Step family of ice melters, the company said on Thursday.
His step family includes his step-mother, Anna Benoit; step-brothers: Ralph, Harold, Joseph, John, George & Robert; step-sisters: Glades, Barbara, Eleanor, Carol, Janice, Patricia & Clarine.
You mention that you have been a stepfather to your daughter since she was one year old, and research shows that forming a step family is easier with younger children than older young people.
2068.0, ABS, Canberra, 2007 Table 1: Survey estimates: couple families with children, (a) Australia, 2003 Count of families Children aged 0-17 Group Number per cent Number per cent Intact family 1,775,500 90.3 3,333,800 89.2 Step family 98,600 5.0 158,400 4.2 Blended family 78,100 4.0 224,400 6.0 Other family 14,900 0.8 21,500 0.6 Total couple families with 1,967,000 100.0 3,738,200 100.0 children Source: Family Characteristics, Australia, June 2003, catalogue no.
Zed's never fit in with his step family; but when he's blamed for a terrible accident involving his sister, he's sent away to live with a Welsh grandmother, where he becomes convinced a Welsh ghost is haunting him.
Children are three times more likely to run away from a step family and twice as likely to run away from a lone-parent family as from a two-parent family
For more advice call the National Step family Association on 0990 168388.