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Noun1.Stephane Grappelli - French jazz violinist (1908-1997)
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With All-Ireland Championship victories on both fiddle and flute, sixteen albums with De Dannan, seven solo albums, as well as appearances with such luminaries as Earl Scruggs, Stephane Grapelli, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, and The Rolling Stones, "the prince of Irish fiddlers" is one of the outstanding performers of the past thirty years.
By Gordon Fronted by the incendiary fiddle playing of BBC Radio 2 Musician of the Year, Tom McConville, his live performances have become legendary and have led him to perform and record with Stephane Grapelli, Barbara Dickson, Lindisfarne, Richard Thompson and many others.
Tickets pounds 10/Conc pounds 6; Celebrating Stephane Grapelli. 8pm.
John, who was born in London in the late Forties, demonstrated that skill by touring and recording with the iconic Stephane Grapelli, while doing likewise with Europe's top rock-fusion group Soft Machine.
He is a player of remarkable flexibility, able to fit in with Stephane Grapelli or explore the music of Frank Zappa.