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Noun1.Stephane Mallarme - French symbolist poet noted for his free verse (1842-1898)Stephane Mallarme - French symbolist poet noted for his free verse (1842-1898)
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The French actress Fanny Ardant recited the Stephane Mallarme poem "The Fan", a wink at the object Lagerfeld used as his conductor's baton as well as to bat away smoke when he went to parties.
Acaso es a lo que se refiere esa linea de Stephane Mallarme: "Todo pensamiento emite un golpe de dados".
He was a symbolist inspired by his mentor, Stephane Mallarme. In his prose which encompasses commentaries on philosophy, literature, painting, music, theatre and dance he offers a whole new universe of ideas, knowledge, consciousness and sensibility.
"La dispersion y la concentracion, la simultaneidad y la velocidad de Stephane Mallarme le obsequio a la literatura del siglo XX.
Ought we not bear in mind, with the poet Stephane Mallarme, that when we amuse ourselves thus and become so inebriated with scandal, we 'yawn gloomily toward a dark demise.'
James McNeill Whistler, Stephane Mallarme, and Oscar Wilde shaped their own books to ensure that physical format reflected their intentions.
Barbel Kuster contextualizes his theorizing and practice in relation to Stephane Mallarme and Conrad Fiedler's ideas of light, realism, and idealism and his revisioning of the French modernism of Edouard Manet, Cezanne, and Matisse.
Each of the four books on exhibit-Pasiphae-Song of Minos (The Cretans); The Poetry of Stephane Mallarme; Poems of Charles d'Orleans, and Jazz--reveals vastly different approaches to this medium, from manipulating white text on black pages (and vice versa) to making colorful cut-paper collages that he later used as stencils for the book.
No encerrado, en palabras de Umberto Eco, siempre abierto a interpretaciones y a las nuevas versificaciones como las "modelara" Stephane Mallarme.
No poema O lance do gago (Figura 5), alem da gagueira tipografica, dialoga com o Stephane Mallarme de Un coup de des--Um lance de dados.
Dario's response to the sonnet "Ses purs ongles tres haut dediant leur onyx" Stephane Mallarme's
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