Stephen Girard

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Noun1.Stephen Girard - United States financier (born in France) who helped finance the War of 1812 (1750-1831)Stephen Girard - United States financier (born in France) who helped finance the War of 1812 (1750-1831)
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a wealthy Philadelphia lawyer [and] close friend, counsel, and financial associate of Philadelphia merchant and banker Stephen Girard, reputedly one of the two wealthiest men in the country....
Spencer Cone declared before the New York City Colonization Society in 1836, "you might set him up in business; he might prove honest and upright, and might even grow rich; but if he should acquire the wealth of Stephen Girard, he would still remain a separate and degraded being." As General Robert Harper stated in the first annual report of the American Colonization Society: "You may manumit the slave, but you cannot make him a white man; he still remains a negro or a mulatto." Without ever calling it a miracle, colonizationists maintained that this same former slave could be miraculously transformed into a man by migrating to and colonizing Africa.
Studies of such banking houses as those founded by Stephen Girard, Alexander Brown, and Jay Cooke form the foundation of our understanding.(3) From these studies we know that Girard's house was held in high esteem among his few financial peers, that the federal treasury turned to him for advances on several occasions when it was in dire straits, that his bank was reviled and persecuted by Philadelphia's chartered banks, and that he was unforgiving to those who borrowed or wished to borrow from his bank.(4) We also know that E.W.
These glances from your gestures are part of the memories of people, the ones who long ago drank in France, in the blond province where my Uncle Stephen Girard was given his jewels from the king.