Stephen Hawking

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Noun1.Stephen Hawking - English theoretical physicist (born in 1942)
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Eminent British physicist Stephen Hawking returned to the Canary Islands to present the third edition of Starmus Festival, the largest international science event to combine music, art and science, which is to be held in the archipelago once again.
A Russian billionaire has launched a 10-year project to find alien life, backed by Stephen Hawking.
PROFESSOR Stephen Hawking is backing a new search for alien intelligence on an astronomical scale that within 10 years could reveal if we are alone in the universe.
HAVING seen the TV programme in which Dara O'Briain interviews famous physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, all I can say is thank you very much for all your wondrous insight into how this wonderful world can be analysed.
AT first, Dara O'Briain seems a strange choice to interview Stephen Hawking.
STEPHEN Hawking has said he would consider assisted suicide.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Stephen Hawking, one of the famous cosmologists.
Scientist Stephen Hawking had a cameo role in which US live-action comedy series?
Le legendaire groupe britannique Pink Floyd va sortir, le 7 novembre, son premier album studio depuis 20 ans, [beaucoup moins que] The Endless River [beaucoup plus grand que], sans son ancien leader Roger Waters, mais avec un choriste inattendu, l'astrophysicien Stephen Hawking, qui ne peut parler qu'a l'aide d'un ordinateur.
The Starmus Festival announces a supreme line-up featuring the biggest names in science today including Stephen Hawking, Brian May and Richard Dawkins
PIN-UP Eddie Redmayne briefly goes back in time to bring genius Stephen Hawking to cinemas.