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Noun1.Stephen Leacock - Canadian economist best remembered for his humorous writings (1869-1944)Stephen Leacock - Canadian economist best remembered for his humorous writings (1869-1944)
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Had this op-ed appeared on April1, this scribe would have taken it as a joke and a poor attempt at imitating Stephen Leacock. In his article as the title indicates, he has graciously advised the Pakistan Army chief to rise to become a statesman and give peace with India a serious consideration.
One reference to Leacock's collection in King's novel provides a hint of the potential dialogue between these two texts: "Eli found a copy of Stephen Leacock's Arcadian Adventures of [sic] the Idle Rich at a used-book store.
The Little Opera Company has an impressive, 21-year record of showcasing local talent, maintaining that tradition by opening its 2016/17 season with the world premiere of Winnipeg composer Neil Weisensel's Merry Christmas, Stephen Leacock. The four-show production at the Canadian Mennonite University's Laudamus Auditorium last December was directed by Donna Fletcher, with Weisensel, who also penned Vancouver Opera's acclaimed Stickboy in 2014, leading the five-piece string orchestra, including two celli.
But now the original GF line up - including drummer Stephen Leacock - are working together again under the name Franklin.
(This comment is not intended as a criticism, but merely as a warning to readers who might expect a different kind of book.) Stephen Leacock appears only once, as a professor and not as a humorist.
Kennedy has been nominated for the Stephen Leacock medal for Canadian humour writing three times, and a thread of levity runs throughout the essays.
I happily read Canadians who are not on this official list--such as Michael O'Brien, Robert Service, John Buchan, or Stephen Leacock. I once read two pages of a Margaret Lawrence novel--more than any sane man should have to suffer.
Even in early 1915, Macphail's close friend Stephen Leacock began to feel his age, writing to Pelham Edgar, "I suppose you and Mrs.
When you think of Orillia, Ont., you think of Stephen Leacock, music festivals, lovely lakeside cottages, pricey waterfront condos, big boats.
"IT WAS STEPHEN Leacock who brought me to Canada" What a fine way to start your memoirs--even should the thought continue "Not literally, of course." Leacock died three months after Douglas Gibson was born (December 1943), but the call from Mariposa was strong enough to lure Gibson across the Atlantic from his small Scottish village of Dunlop.
Stephen Leacock. Arcadian Adventures With the Idle Rich (1914)