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Noun1.Stephen Spender - English poet and critic (1909-1995)
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The Stephen Spender Prize 2017 for poetry in translation, in association with T he Guardian , is looking for submissions between now and May 26, 2017.
Since this rubbed plenty of people the wrong way, the letters page of the New Statesman often became an entertaining battleground--never more so than when the dim-witted Stephen Spender set himself up for a devastating counterpunch.
Figures such as Stephen Spender had a disproportionate impact on perceptions of the decade; their prominence during the 1930s served as a guarantee of the value and good faith of their interpretations.
Eliot, James Joyce, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, and Stephen Spender, and Ortega and his colleagues, including Antonio Marichalar, Victoria Ocampo, Manuel Altolaguirre, and Federico Garcia Lorca.
This month, let it suffice to say what Stephen Spender did in ''The Truly Great'' (1932):
They lived there for three months, being joined in January by writer Stephen Spender.
He talks incessantly and will pan out to be a prodigious bore," said Virginia Woolf about Stephen Spender.
The brother of the poet Stephen Spender, Michael was a 'double first' from the University of Oxford who never considered himself a mountaineer, regarding mountaineering as simply an extension of surveying, a pursuit to which he was dedicated.
H Lawrence, Stephen Spender, Jack Lindsay, and others; and the impact of Catholic ritual in Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, and David Jones.
Por su parte, en el capitulo quinto, el autor muestra hasta que punto la contienda sacudio las conciencias de la clase intelectual europea y estadounidense, de modo que el compromiso de Malraux, Orwell y Hemingway con la Republica y el apoyo que le prestaron no fue el de casos aislados, sino tan solo el de algunos de los numerosos intelectuales extranjeros que se implicaron, de muy diversas maneras, en la defensa de la causa republicana en un conflicto que, en palabras de Stephen Spender, fue el peor de los acontecidos en Europa hasta entonces (Sutherland 2004: 192).
Another example is his review (in Arguably) of the authorized biography of Stephen Spender.
Sir Stephen Spender, lobby of the Continental Bank building, downtown Chicago, mid-1980s.