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Noun1.Stephen Vincent Benet - United States poet; brother of William Rose Benet (1898-1943)
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Colt's bid was summarily rejected by Chief of Ordnance, Brigadier-General Stephen Vincent Benet. He solved the problem, at General Reece's request, in 1883 by assigning production of the Chaffee-Reece rifle to the Springfield Armory.
I can tell by the pattern on your shirt, it's new; like a new Caribbean, a new America, for ourselves and for those, as Stephen Vincent Benet once wrote, "who are to come."
Scott Fitzgerald (1996), Marilyn Monroe (1996), James Dean (1997), Thornton Wilder (1997), Humphrey Bogart (1997), Stephen Vincent Benet (1998), Audrey Hepburn (2003), Katherine Anne Porter (2005), Bette Davis (2007), and Thomas Jefferson (2009).
It was written for Roosevelt by Stephen Vincent Benet, American author of The Devil and Daniel Webster.
Critique: Not since "The Devil and Daniel Webster" by Stephen Vincent Benet has the Faustian bargain been so cleverly presented.
was the best-known narrative poem of US poet and |novelist Stephen Vincent Benet? WHERE...
(The octave of his "Soul-Sight" is a better example than the sestet; his "The End of the World" is very specific in detail, but it is a special case, being narrative.) Davidman's background in the propagandistic New Masses may have inclined her to a good Drab, but she also has influences from the witty style of John Donne and the clearly written, popular appeals of her early mentor, Stephen Vincent Benet. Davidman's later sonnets in the sequence are, in general, better than the earlier ones.
"YOU CAN WEIGH JOHN BROWN'S BODY WELL ENOUGH, But how and in what balance weigh John Brown?" poet Stephen Vincent Benet wrote in 1928.
The English Department, revising its curriculum for the required freshman literature and composition course, removed Stephen Vincent Benet's book-length poem of the Civil War, John Brown's Body, from the syllabus.
Vincent Millay, Dirty Gerund Poetry Series co-host Nick Davis reading Stephen Vincent Benet's "Nightmare" poems from the early 20th century, poet Heather Macpherson reading Dorothy Parker's "Hymns of Hate" and Duende Project frontman Tony Brown performing the works of spoken word forerunner Lord Buckley.
(10) My interest here is to explore in more detail the letters Davidman wrote during this time to Stephen Vincent Benet, then editor of the Yale Series of Younger Poets, and the person most responsible for helping Davidman put together what came to be Letter to a Comrade.
What was the best-known verse of US poet and novelist Stephen Vincent Benet? 23.