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 (stē′vənz), Alexander Hamilton 1812-1883.
American politician who was vice president of the Confederacy (1861-1865) under Jefferson Davis and also served as US representative from Georgia (1843-1859 and 1873-1882).


, James 1882-1950.
Irish writer of poems and novels, such as The Crock of Gold (1912).


(ˈsti vənz)

Alexander Hamilton, 1812–83, vice-president of the Confederacy 1861–65.
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Stephen Guest, whose diamond ring, attar of roses, and air of nonchalant leisure, at twelve o'clock in the day, are the graceful and odoriferous result of the largest oil-mill and the most extensive wharf in St.
"What is that?" said Stephen, throwing himself back and hanging his right arm over the corner of his chair.
is your cousin coming to stay with you?" said Stephen, with a look of slight annoyance.
A rather stooping man, with a knitted brow, a pondering expression of face, and a hard-looking head sufficiently capacious, on which his iron-grey hair lay long and thin, Old Stephen might have passed for a particularly intelligent man in his condition.
Old Stephen was standing in the street, with the old sensation upon him which the stoppage of the machinery always produced - the sensation of its having worked and stopped in his own head.
''Times I'm a little early, Stephen! 'times a little late.
AND NOW had come the morning when fair Ellen was to be married, and on which merry Robin had sworn that Allan a Dale should, as it were, eat out of the platter that had been filled for Sir Stephen of Trent.
"Now, if thou wilt cause this maiden (who hath verily bewitched my poor cousin Stephen) thus to love the man she is to marry, as thou sayst thou canst, I will give thee whatsoever thou wilt ask me in due measure.
Look, Prior, hither cometh our cousin Sir Stephen, and his ladylove."
This is what she wrote about a boy by the name of Stephen Dowling Bots that fell down a well and was drownded:
'I am going to make a great change in my life--if your brother Stephen and his wife will only consent to it.' She opened the desk of the writing-table while she spoke, took a letter out, and handed it to Henry.
'You are my brother Stephen's cousin; you are his wife's old friend.'