Stepped gear

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a cogwheel of which the teeth cross the face in a series of steps.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To date, methods and devices for stepped and stepless speed control in terms of magnitude and direction are known in the form of stepped gear boxes, belt, chain variators, and the like.
There is stepped gear shifting using special steering wheel-mounted controls - the concept is similar to that used in today's Formula 1 cars.
The SE25A is capable of high-speed, high-precision machining of up to 250 millimeter diameter gear workpieces of complex shape, such as stepped gears, by reciprocal motion of the cutters.
There is even an optional AutoStick feature for the CVT, which is setup so as to provide the driver with the "feeling" of six stepped gears. The Caliber is also available with an on-demand all-wheel-drive system that is electromechanically controlled; up to 60% of the torque can be sent to the rear wheels if required.
By applying two different multi-threaded grinding wheels according to the specific machining task - a proprietary technology - the company's innovative new system enables mass production of gears requiring difficult machining, including internal ring gears as well as some external gears such as stepped gears and pinion gears with shafts.
Stepped gears, which have gears of different diameters layered in a staircase pattern, and pinion gears with shafts are machinable thanks to the prevention of interference between grinding wheels and workpieces.