great skua

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great skua

A predatory gull-like seabird (Stercorarius skua) of the North Atlantic, having brownish plumage.
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(ˈskyu ə)

n., pl. sku•as.
1. any of several large, brown, gull-like predatory birds of the genus Catharacta, related to jaegers, esp. C. skua (great skua), of colder waters of both northern and southern seas.
2. Brit. jaeger (def. 1).
[1670–80; < Faeroese skū(g)vur; compare Old Norse skūfr tassel, tuft, also skua (in poetry)]
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Noun1.great skua - large brown skua of the northern Atlanticgreat skua - large brown skua of the northern Atlantic
bonxie, skua - gull-like jaeger of northern seas
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Great skuas (Stercorarius skua) are excellent at scrambling for the windfall, and the researchers suggest that abundant discards contributed to a jump in European skua populations during the past century.