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tern 1

Any of various seabirds primarily of the genus Sterna found worldwide, typically smaller than a gull and having a forked tail.

[Of Scandinavian origin.]

tern 2

1. Games A set of three, especially a combination of three numbers that wins a lottery.
2. A three-masted schooner.

[Middle English terne, from Old French, from ternes, from Latin ternās, accusative pl. of ternī, three each, from ter, thrice; see trei- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Animals) any aquatic bird of the subfamily Sterninae, having a forked tail, long narrow wings, a pointed bill, and a typically black-and-white plumage: family Laridae (gulls, etc), order Charadriiformes
[C18: from Old Norse therna; related to Norwegian terna, Swedish tärna]


1. (Nautical Terms) a three-masted schooner
2. rare a group of three
[C14: from Old French terne, from Italian terno, from Latin ternī three each; related to Latin ter thrice, trēs three]
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any of various web-footed aquatic birds of the subfamily Sterninae (family Laridae), resembling gulls, though typically smaller and slimmer.
[1670–80; < Dan terne or Norwegian terna, c. Old Norse therna]
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 set of three; trio; triplet; a group of three stanzas in poetry, 1856.
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Noun1.tern - small slender gull having narrow wings and a forked tailtern - small slender gull having narrow wings and a forked tail
larid - long-winged web-footed aquatic bird of the gull family
sea swallow, Sterna hirundo - common tern of Eurasia and America having white black and grey plumage
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[tɜːn] Ngolondrina f de mar
common terncharrán m común
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n (Zool) → Seeschwalbe f
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Gelochelidon nilotica Gmelin, 1789 (Sternidae), commonly known as Gull-Billed Tern, formerly Sterna nilotica (Bridge et al., 2005), is a migrating bird that inhabits the Northern Hemisphere, also migrating to the Southern Hemisphere during the winter (Hoyo et al., 1996).
Waterbirds included 27 shorebird species from five families, twelve herons (Ardeidae), six rails and crakes (Rallidae), four terns (Sternidae), three ducks (Anatidae) and two storks (Ciconiidae).
The nests of Little and Fairy Terns are typical of those constructed by the Sternidae family, a shallow scrape in the sand, and are often lined with small shells, shell fragments and small pieces of vegetation when available (Reside 2003).