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A sclerite making up part of the sternum of an arthropod.

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the sternum or ventral part of each segment of an insect body
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a carapace, dorsal view; b third and fourth thoracic sternites, ventral view; c left third maxilliped, lateral view; d telson, external view.
Abdominal sternites without discal setae, sternite with exceptional long posterior marginal setae (Fig.
Sternites 2 to 6 rectangular, sternites 7 and 8 membranous, all sternites covered with setae and scales, trichoid sensilla absent.
The family is characterised by the absence of trichobothria on the antennae; the presence of mostly symmetrical, unsegmented chitinous hooks at tip of abdomen; a maximum of four placoid sensilla on terminal article of antennae; thorax with two pairs of spiracles on sternites II and III; abdominal sternite 1 with a pair of styles and a pair of lateral subcoxal organs.
himalayensis holotype.--Color: Base color reddish brown, with a variegated pattern in carapace, legs, tergites, sternites, and metasoma; however, in most parts of the body, this pattern is faded (presumably owing to poor preservation).
2) corroborated, once again, that the alcohol (DTOH) is extracted only from the abdominal region of the termite, specifically from the ventral sternites.
8): Tergite IX and X fused, forming large wide plate, with two pairs of long lateral setae and four pairs of thin fine posterior submarginal setae; subgenital plate large, formed by sternites VII to XI, posterior margin with median short process, bearing latero-posterior setae; terminal segment with 01 pair of long lateral seta and 04 posterior submarginal + two marginal setae.
Al analizar algunas especies del genero que ocurren en Peru, Grados (2004) menciono que los machos presentan organos androconiales en forma de penacho de pelos alargados en las areas antero-laterales de los sternites abdominales IV, V, VI y VII.
Sternites 2-7 sclerotized, rectangular, with two rows of setae, many setae mesally, few setae laterally, basal pair of trichoid sensilla, and scattered scales; sternite 8 sclerotized, squarish, with setae from midlength to distal margin, basal pair of trichoid sensilla, and scattered scales.
Sternite I setulose; sternites II-V at fore margin each with a widely spaced pair of alpha-sensilla; sternites Ill and IV with a pair of strong hind marginal setae.