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Noun1.Sternotherus - musk turtlesSternotherus - musk turtles        
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
family Kinosternidae, Kinosternidae - mud turtles; musk turtles
musk turtle, stinkpot - small freshwater turtle having a strong musky odor
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Also observed in decreasing abundance were Apalone spinifera (Spiny Softshell; 41), Graptemys geographica (Northern Map Turtle; 8), Chelydra serpentina (Common Snapping Turtle; 3), and Sternotherus minor (Loggerhead Musk Turtle; 1).
McPherson and Marion (1981) studied Sternotherus odoratus from Alabama and noted in the months of July to September that the epididymis are lighter and the testicles are heavier so it is possible to state that there is a movement of spermatozoids.
Researchers found dead turtles, mostly Sternotherus odoratus, within these piles but noted no snapping turtle carcasses.
Werle found two Sternotherus odoratus, or musk turtles, ("They're not rare but they're cool"), a lot of Elliptio complanata mussels (which are very common), a swimming garter snake and a few milk bottles from the 1940s.
Nevertheless, a study of Sternotherus odoratus provided an estimate of mean aquatic home range size of 155 ha (minimum convex polygon) for males (Edmonds 1998).
Of the 194 turtles caught 183 were Trachemys scripta and 11 were Sternotherus odoratus.
De la familia Kinosternidae, se descritbio la cascara del huevo de siete especies: Sternotherus minor, K.
018) Graptemys geographica -- -- -- Sternotherus odoratus -- -- -- Total captures 28 (0.
Reproductive output of Terrapene carolina, Chrysemys picta, and Sternotherus odoratus from west-central Illinois.
Kinosternidae Sternotherus minor Other turtles including Sternotherus minor and Trachemys scripta.