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He saw himself when he had been quite the hoodlum, wearing a "stiff-rim" Stetson hat and a square-cut, double-breasted coat, with a certain swagger to the shoulders and possessing the ideal of being as tough as the police permitted.
"The description of the man is very unusual because of the stetson hat. Not many people in Central Scotland wear them."
Combined with his distinctive Stetson hat and, later in life, his personalised mobility scooter, Pete became a local legend around pubs in Moseley, Birmingham, and the town of Alcester.
All Elvis knows about his origins is that he was left abandoned on a bench at the zoo, brought home by his adoptive father in a Stetson hat. When Elvis sets out to discover his identity his only clues are a Norwegian newspaper and the shifty behaviour of his father's best friend, Lloyd.
Mr Putin, donning a cowboy-style stetson hat and trying to look cool in dark shades, has been out and about exploring the beautiful Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve in south Siberia.
Moreover, attendees must adhere to a dress code that includes denim, boots and a Stetson hat.
"I'm excited to get out there, give my best and if I can come away with a third Stetson hat that would be unbelievable."
Having got his start in the hat business with the Stetson Hat Company, and making his name with them by designing cowboy hats designed especially for Latinos, he has branched out.
Bush became personally close to Kiir, and a Stetson hat he gave as a gift became the trademark of the first South Sudanese president.
He took to the ring in a Stetson hat, a red-and-gold robe and shiny gold gloves, repeatedly crossing himself.
His outfit included a powder-blue shirt and pants, red kerchief, Stetson hat, boots, a gun belt and Colt pistols.
In the pictures, the 20-year-old beauty appears in a jewel-embellished costume, which features a patterned shirt, oversized gold belt buckle and black Stetson hat, the Daily Mail reported.