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Noun1.Stichaeidae - pricklebacks
fish family - any of various families of fish
Blennioidea, suborder Blennioidea - blennies; butterfishes; gunnels
genus Lumpenus, Lumpenus - a genus of Stichaeidae
Cryptacanthodes, genus Cryptacanthodes - a genus of Stichaeidae
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For seine and trawl catches, unidentified small flatfish (Pleuronectidae), gadids (Gadidae), pricklebacks (Stichaeidae), and sculpins (Cottidae) were counted in the total catch, but were not considered separate species for species richness calculations because at least one identifiable species from these taxa was captured; unidentified small snailfish and unidentified small poacher were considered separate species because no identifiable species from the families Liparidae and Agonidae were captured.
Fish and crabs collected were herring (Clupea pallasi Valenciennes 1847), shiner perch (Cymatogaster aggregata Gibbons 1854), eelpouts (Family Zoarcidae), english sole (Parophrys vetulus Girard 1854), sand sole (Psettichthys melanostictus Girard 1854), pricklebacks (Family Stichaeidae), giant wrymouths (Cryptacanthodes giganteus Kittlitz 1858), staghorn sculpins (Leptocottus armatus Girard 1854), great sculpins (Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus Pallus 1811), red rock (Cancer prodactus Randall 1839), and graceful (Cancer gracilis Dana 1852) crabs.
Crows also fed upon nereid worms, small crabs, and intertidal fishes: Pholidae (gunnels) and Stichaeidae (pricklebacks) living either in rock cracks or among sessile invertebrates (Table 5).
All Agonidae, poachers All Liparidae Variegated snailfish, Liparis gibbus All Zoarcidae Canadian eelpout, Lycodes polaris All Stichaeidae Stout eelblenny, Anisarchus medius Slender eelblenny, Lumpenus fabricii Slender eelblenny or snake prickleback, Lumpenus spp.