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a.1.Stuck; spoiled in making.
Stickit minister
a candidate for the clerical office who fails, disqualified by incompetency or immorality.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Cal Poly team behind "Stickit," a two-in-one packaging system to dispense disposable syringes and safely store the empties, was among the top three entries.
Wright, FWC Chairman, along with a tackle bag of goodies donated by O'Keefs Reef, Castalia Outdoor Products, DOA Lures, StickIt Anchor Pins, High Roller Lures, Guideline EyeGear and TackleWebs.
Individuals seeking to shop for trendy character stickers, need not look any further - Stickit Buddies, the leading sticker hub online is presenting a huge library of cool character stickers for the sticker lovers.
Bludgeoned by the credit crunch, forced to give up Ballydung Manor and trade in liquid assets, Podge and Rodge re-open their unlicenced shebeen The Stickit Inn with Ireland's first road-kill rotisserie and a Government-issue swear box.
Back on our screens screens next month in new show Stickit Inn, the talented team behind the puppets Ciaran Morrison and Mick O'Hara along with show writer Maia Dunphy are joining together for the spoof biography of Mr Tayto.
And McPhail insists he has already told his team-mateheshould stickit out with the City.
There were also unemployed clergy in Scotland, some of whom worked as schoolmasters and assistants, known by the uncharitable phrase "stickit [blocked] ministers." The precise connection between financial circumstances and accommodation of the insane is one area where further research is needed; another is the possibility of regional as well as national variations in the practice of clerical mad doctoring and madhouse keeping--and indeed clerical doctoring in general.
Selandia has added a Noah's Ark Infant Set that includes a free SticKit, a double suction ring designed to keep plates and bowls in their places.
With the success of his novels The Stickit Minister (1893) and The Lilac Sunbonnet (1894), he abandoned the ministry for writing, following the vogue for novels in Scots dialect set by James M.
But the smutty puppets - who constantly rib the panto queen - revealed she is always welcome at the Stickit Inn.