n.1.The ruddy duck.
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Tenders are invited for Re-rating of current meter 1.General overhauling .Cleaning, & Permanent adjustment with part of cup type current meter as magnetic chamber, pivot chamber, balance weight magnetic rotor, earth terminal chamber .bucket wheel rotor read sticktail screw and oiling etc2.Transportation charges for cup type current meters from Haridwar sub division to place of workshop, and back to sub division haridwar.
La criptosporidiosis es muy comun en los Squamata y especialmente en los LG, y se le considera una infeccion emergente, pudiendoles ocasionar, con mayor enfasis cuando los animales se encuentran estresados y se inmunosuprimen, cuadros clinicos de consideracion (diarrea, gastritis, perdida de peso, "sticktail", anorexia, letargia) e inclusive la muerte del individuo [17, 19].