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or stiff·ie  (stĭf′ē)
n. pl. stiff·ies Vulgar Slang
An erection of the penis.


(ˈstɪfɪ) or


n, pl -fies
slang an erection of the penis
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In contrast to our earlier results, additional data updated our observation about repeatability of measurements on stiffy sprung vehicles, [11].
5)The combination of age, being a big stiffy plus red hand on green, left hand on blue, left leg on yellow and right leg on red is a trip to A&E waiting to happen.
Under the low-budget circumstances, Vincent Price and Myrna Fahey should not be blamed for portraying the decadent Ushers with arch affectation, nor Mark Damon held to account for the traces of Brooklynese that creep into his stiffy costumed impersonation of the mystified interloper.
And as conniving Stiffy Bung, his transformation into the archetypal 1930s woman was complete.
3:00 An Examination of Variables in Multiaxial Impact Testing of Automotive TPO Products 1564849 | Jonathan Stiffy, Washington Penn Plastic Co.
Paint the back of the banner with 3 coats of Stiffy, allowing drying time between coats.
Then the stiffy, where you grab stinkbug and stiff out both your legs.
It has space for seven fly rods, Stiffy push-pole holders and an anodized poling platform covered in SeaDek.
Moreover, this is the fate of all electronic storage media, from floppy disks to stiffy disks to CD-ROM to memory sticks," Angula said.
He thinks my name is Stiffy and isn't quite sure when I was born exactly.
Although its tall, slender, Tudor chimneys stood stiffy defiant against encroaching development, a missing brick from the crown of one of them threatened defeat.
A curious item among the acquisitions is a fancy dress shirt worn by Gurney during the 1948 Journalists' Ball, smothered back and front with drawings of characters from Gurney strips--portraits of Bluey and Curley with a Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angel (New Guinea native), a very whiskery swaggy, a large moustached pukka airforce officer, Roy (Mo) Rene from Gurney's first humour strip of 1927, Stiffy and Mo, and caricatures of politicians Ben Chifley, Arthur Caldwell and Billy Hughes.