Stikine River

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Sti·kine River

A river rising in northwest British Columbia, Canada, and flowing about 540 km (335 mi) generally west and southwest across the Alaskan Panhandle to the Pacific Ocean.
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This festival celebrates spring in Wrangell and the annual spring Eagle migration and shorebird migration on the Stikine River.
At the nearby Stikine River site, activity was intermittent and low through early June and consistently low thereafter, with a slight peak in late August (Fig.
Where he had walked, spilling water from his cedar box, there were new lakes and three new rivers, named the Ksien (the juice from the clouds), the Nass River and the Stikine River, the juice from the clouds.
Turner points to a sequence filmed in BC's Stikine River Canyon for episode one.
Winding down the Stikine River, enclosed on both sides by black earth canyon and yellow brush, feels peaceful.
Give yourself three days to take in the Stikine River, fastest free-flowing river on the continent, and Anan Wildlife Observatory (see page 37) for prime bear-watching.
Optional shore excursions in Wrangell include bear viewing from the Anan Bear Observatory and taking a jet boat up the Stikine River.
These darkred almandine garnets, up to an inch in diameter, are found in biotite schist at the Garnet Ledge near the mouth of the Stikine River.
The Iskut River flows southwest 240 km from the village of Iskut to the Stikine River near the Alaska/British Columbia border.
Join us on this introductory participatory raft trip as we float, hike, and explore the historic Stikine River.
Jerry Geraci, owner of Upper Stikine River Adventures, is a soft-spoken cowboy with an expert's knowledge of traveling and thriving in the remote backcountry.
When Leaf was nine, and Raven was two weeks old, we sold the farm, moved to British Columbia and ended up here on a fertile flat above the Stikine River.