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n.1.A standstill.
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Participants in the stand raised national flagsand chanted slogans that support the Syrian ArabArmy and citizens of Ayn al-Arab who are stillstand in the face of terrorism.
Third, my intention in my response then to that comrade was/and stillstand so- is that we have pressing matters at hand where Kiir and hisadministration must held accountable.
Wenige Tage notierte er sich eine plausible Begrundung 11(148), die mit den These einsetzt, dass die Welt der Krafte weder eine Verminderung noch einen Stillstand erleide, weil sonst die grosse Uhr des Daseins still stunde: "Die Welt der Krafte kommt also nie in ein Gleichgewicht" sie hat nie einen Augenblick der Ruhe, ihre Kraft und ihre Bewegung sind gleich gross fur jede Zeit.
Three of these contexts represent glacier stillstand or readvance--along the 700 km Quebec North Shore Moraine System (Dubois and Dionne 1985), and in small highland ice caps in the northern Long Range of Newfoundland (Waitt 1981), and in the Cape Breton Highlands (Grant 1994).
This outwash surface slopes toward the Manistee River, which presumably carried the meltwater front this stagnant ice stillstand.
During the Badger's voyage in 1776 Captain Peter Potter came up against African slave traders acting as a cooperative to gain the best prices: "I have had but one intire stillstand of trade for a whole month.
During the whole of the middle Ordovician tectonic and eustatic stillstand the Livonian Tongue was a typical transitional zone, where different muddy (carbonate-siliciclastic) sediments accumulated.
Denn im Totenreich ist nichts mehr neu, es ist nur "Wiederholung und Stillstand.