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 (stĭl′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər)
A city of north-central Oklahoma north-northeast of Oklahoma City. Founded in 1889, it is the seat of Oklahoma State University (established 1890).
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3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Team Stillwater is now serving the Stillwater, Okla.
WEnrtsilEn has been contracted to supply a 56 MW Smart Power Generation power plant to the Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) in Oklahoma, USA.
Bella Borg-Brenner has joined Stillwater Capital Partners as managing director and will head Stillwater's asset-backed real estate-intensive fund-of-funds business.
The Stillwater Group provides innovative solutions to the financial, operational, and strategic problems of America's colleges and universities.
Under his giant orange umbrella, Stillwater shares the tales with his young neighbors, including the story about the poor man who gives gifts to a robber.
When the former science teacher was hired to lead Stillwater, an affluent Minneapolis/St.
The third book in the outstanding Stillwater Enterprises "Take A Walk Books" series, Take A Walk With Butterflies And Dragonflies by Jane Kirkland is an ideal reference guide for children ages 8 and above to finding, observing, identifying, and understanding butterflies and dragonflies.
Haskell Cudd, president and CEO of Stillwater Milling Company, Stillwater, Okla.
Set in the Swift River valley of western Massachusetts in the late Depression years, Stillwater describes, through the eyes of its 15-year-old narrator, Jamieson Kooby, the impact on the valley of the perfidious schemes of "the Boston boys," the state's power structure, to inundate five towns by damming the Swift River.
That's the message for coarse fishing fans who can now turn to scores of stillwater centres and canals while rivers and streams take a break for three months.
In July 1987, a local restaurant started a new tradition in Stillwater.
DALLAS -- Accent on Integration (AOI), a leading provider of integration software and medical device connectivity solutions, today announced that through its continued partnership with Stillwater Medical Center, in Stillwater, Okla.