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1. Either of a pair of long, slender poles each equipped with a raised footrest to enable the user to walk elevated above the ground.
2. Any of various tall posts or pillars used as support, as for a dock or building: a beach house on stilts.
3. Any of several shorebirds of the widely distributed genus Himantopus or the Australian genus Cladorhynchus that have long pink legs, usually black-and-white plumage, and a long slender bill.
tr.v. stilt·ed, stilt·ing, stilts
To place or raise on stilts.

[Middle English stilte; see stel- in Indo-European roots.]
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رَكائِز، أعْمِدَهطَوّالَه للأقْدام
koka kājas


(stilts) noun plural
1. a pair of poles with supports for the feet, on which a person may stand and so walk raised off the ground.
2. tall poles fixed under a house etc to support it eg if it is built on a steep hillside.
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A spokesman for New Square said: "The summer fun continues every day during the school holidays and there's also some extra-special free activities taking place on certain days including, stilt walking pirates, face painters and a sand bracelet making workshop."
Clowning around was encouraged at the Bluecoat Gallery when daring youngsters at the Liverpool arts centre had a go at stilt walking, tight-rope walking and unicycling.
The show features Giraffe Unicycles, Stilt Walking, Rola Bola and Fire Breathing.
Visitors will be able to see stilt walking candy canes, toy soldiers and roller skating ice pixies all interspersed on the festive tree lined Station Road.
Brighouse Arts Festival has thanked the Millers Arms for its contributions to the festival, which have included stilt walking, fire breathing and international dance.
And to make this year's 25th anniversary edition extra special, organisers are looking for 12 daring recruits to help form the Iron Giants stilt walking street theatre company.
Festivities to be included in the grand opening will include stilt walking, facde painting, performing dogs and live music.
As part of the day, to help raise money for the worthy cause, they had a stilt walking entertainer, strawberry teas, and a tombola.
Every Friday, around 40 youngsters go to Wallsend Memorial Hall to take part in weekly stilt walking classes.
Artists will be making toys from rubbish workshops and children can learn basic circus skills like uni-cycling, juggling and stilt walking.
Hula hooping, tight rope walking, acrobats, juggling, stilt walking, and a performance at the end.
Also included in the procession were The Trinity Centre mascot - Giddy the Gorilla - Music 4 U, Phoenix Theatre, Danscentre, Sharon Gill School of Dance, characters from Aladdin - the Pantomime at the Aberdeen Arts Centre - Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey Club, balloon modeller Mr Puffin,Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts, Festive Seagulls, a stilt walking Santa Claus and Michael Angelo - a stilt walker on a bicycle A spokeswoman for the Trinity Centre said: "Once the parade had ended the public were invited to come into the Trinity Centre where they could meet Santa Claus and the children received a free Christmas storybook, sticker book and Reindeer hat.