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1. Either of a pair of long, slender poles each equipped with a raised footrest to enable the user to walk elevated above the ground.
2. Any of various tall posts or pillars used as support, as for a dock or building: a beach house on stilts.
3. Any of several shorebirds of the widely distributed genus Himantopus or the Australian genus Cladorhynchus that have long pink legs, usually black-and-white plumage, and a long slender bill.
tr.v. stilt·ed, stilt·ing, stilts
To place or raise on stilts.

[Middle English stilte; see stel- in Indo-European roots.]
رَكائِز، أعْمِدَهطَوّالَه للأقْدام
koka kājas


(stilts) noun plural
1. a pair of poles with supports for the feet, on which a person may stand and so walk raised off the ground.
2. tall poles fixed under a house etc to support it eg if it is built on a steep hillside.
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The family-friendly festival also includes a Darwin's Little Darlings zone, with its own circus area where children can learn juggling and stiltwalking.
The beautifully-staged show at Birmingham Rep also boasts a stiltwalking giant that's even taller than Aslan.
This included characters in fancy dress, a stiltwalking Snow Queen and reindeer, children carrying lanterns and cheerleaders.
He now goes to Hong Kong once every few months to do stiltwalking or unicycle juggling gigs.
Everyone is welcome to join in the day of stiltwalking, free food, performances from a Gurkha culture band and facepainting.
Great for young and old alike, the weekend will be packed with stiltwalking mermaids, mysterious magicians, sword-swallowing women, jugglers extraordinaire and gardeners on trapezes.
Shadows, Crowns and Halos and Oracular Rumblings & Stiltwalking.
"I ended up sharing a house with some circus people after answering an advert and through that started stiltwalking with them.
"Once you've learned skills like trapezing, acrobatics and stiltwalking, you can go along to a circus and audition.
The show has a whole range of circus acts without animals, including juggling, trapeze, magic, cre-eating, stiltwalking, unicycles and comedy.
The touring Upshot Circus provides workshops, shows, cabaret and stage performances all over the UK and Europe and specialises in teaching children Big Top skills like stiltwalking, juggling, tumbling, unicycling and walking the wire.
Stiltwalking Jazz, reggae, folk, prink--it's impossible to pigeonhole Swift's seventh album, so don't even try.