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 (stĭl′wĕl′, -wəl), Joseph Warren Known as "Vinegar Joe." 1883-1946.
American army officer who commanded Allied forces in China, Burma, and India during World War II.
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(Biography) Joseph W(arren), known as Vinegar Joe. 1883–1946, US general, who was (1941–44) Chiang Kai-shek's chief of staff and commander of all US forces in China, Burma (Myanmar), and India
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(ˈstɪl wɛl, -wəl)

Joseph W. ( “Vinegar Joe” ), 1883–1946, U.S. general.
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Noun1.Stilwell - United States general who commanded the Allied forces in China and Burma and India during World War II (1883-1946)Stilwell - United States general who commanded the Allied forces in China and Burma and India during World War II (1883-1946)
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