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n.1.A slight gleam or glimmer; a glimpse.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Si tratta di stime ricavate dalle hanche dati lessicografiche oggi disponibili che permettono di avere, a colpo d'occhio, le proporzioni del fenomeno: su un totale di 328.000 parole che compongono il lessico italiano, l'apporto maggiore, quello della lingua inglese, e di 8.468 vocaboli; il minore, quello cinese, di 78.
During his stime at the board, Obado, who is described by former colleagues as 'stubborn and hard-headed', spent time studying for his degree at Kenyatta.
Is their speech sTIME: If you see any osigns, it's time to call of 94cm | show a blood | Visit ?ly is vital for good recovery.
Symbol Meaning [ID.sub.A] User As ID [ID.sub.S] Satellite S's ID [P.sub.A] User A's public key [P.sub.S] Satellite's public key [P.sub.KGC] KGC's public key [d.sub.A] User A's private key [d.sub.S] Satellite S's private key [d.sub.KGC] KGC's private key [Encry.sub.x]() Encryption with a as key Stime Time of handover U_authority User's authority Start-time Authority's beginning time Stop-time Authority's ending time XXSign XX's signature [Auth.sub.Token] User's authorization token Userlnfo User's related info Service Service that user applies for result Result of authentication [Sign.sub.x]() Signing with a as key Splace Place of handover Table 2: Comparisons in authentication phase.
PID stat data includes information of the nice value, execution time of process on user mode (utime), and kernel mode (stime).
The measure of a period touchy sliding window, Stime, is the quantity of time units secured by the window.
Il mobbing verticale si articola in tanti comportamenti vessatori e continui, a volte subdoli, ma che a lungo andare, le stime parlando di 6 mesi--1 anno--, provocano una situazione di grave disagio psico-fisico nel soggeto mobbizzato." (BOVINO, 2012, p.
Larson, MD, MSc, [7] Stephanie Nixon, MSc, PhD, [8] Katrina Plamondon, RN, MSc, [9] Bjorn Stime, MPH [10]
For example, before stime step, the upstream [f.sub.ud], [f.sub.ul], and [f.sub.ul] flows inflow towards R2 at t - s time.
NAT AT A IONAL PA P STIME Canadian Aird chats with Spaniard Novo at training
The 500-page report by consultants Mott McDonald shows a sample set of data that suggests "non-bus journey times also show an average journey stime increase, slightly higher than that observed for buses and particularly in the (afternoon) peak period." According to the report, on 13 of the 21 routes for which data was gathered, bus journey times increased, with the biggest increase of up to one minute on Picton Road.