Sting ray

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n.1.Any one of numerous rays of the family Dasyatidæ, syn. Trygonidæ, having one or more large sharp barbed dorsal spines, on the whiplike tail, capable of inflicting severe wounds. Some species reach a large size, and some, esp., on the American Pacific coast, are very destructive to oysters.
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who were working as modern day slaves, held in cages on the Indonesian island community of Benjina, whipped with sting ray barbs and forced to work at sea for years on end.
Bindi, who is now a smart teenager and a budding actress, revealed to the magazine that many people told her that time can heal all the wounds when her dad died of a sting ray attack.
Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon is a coffee-table book tribute to the Corvette Sting Ray automobile, first created in 1963.
If you've been looking for the ultimate Corvette Sting Ray book, this is it.
Open 365 days a year, Canada's largest indoor aquarium features the biggest shark collection in North America, one of the world's most extensive jelly fish exhibits, 100+ year old giant lobsters, sting ray and bamboo shark touch pools and daily live dive shows.
The Wildcat HMA Mark 2 will carry Sting Ray torpedoes, a door-mounted, 0.
Exotic water creatures like the Jelly Fish, Arowana, Asian Arowana, Alligator Gar, Black Ghost, Sting Ray, African Cichids, Doctor fish, Clown, Damsel, Angels, Shrimps, Invertebrates, Lionfish and the Stingray are also available.
Sting Ray , clap, clap clap" - a double edged tribute for Clemence and Kennedy.
We are driven to bring the best of the best in the world and the Sting Ray 225 SX, which is the world's fastest luxury boat, is definitely one of the highlights to watch out for at this year's edition of Big Boys Toys," said Biju Jayaraaj, chief executive Artaaj.
Luke's aircraft is part of 815 Naval Air Squadron based in Somerset and can perform a wide variety of roles including search and rescue, launching Sea Skua Missiles and Sting Ray torpedoes and chasing drug-running speed boats across the trafficking area that is the Caribbean Sea.
They had the normal heaviest single fish sweep, and the winner on the first day, with a sting ray of 26'lb, was Davey Raymond on his first trip to Gambia.
BAE said the UK outlook was "difficult" because of "shifting national priorities", although the firm has several long-term contracts in place with the Royal Navy and RAF for Typhoon fighters as well as supplying Spearfish and Sting Ray torpedoes.