Stinging cell

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(Zool.) Same as Lasso cell, under Lasso.

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Once discharged, each stinging cell acts as a tiny pump to deliver its content down the needle, also drawing in the active ingredient from the cream.
Andy Snider, curator of herps and aquatics at Brookfield Zoo, explains that all jellies have tentacles with stinging cells called nematocysts.
When you go back and pay close attention, you start counting the number of stinging cells and types, you see discrete differences that correspond to the DNA," said Gaffney in the release.
The asexual animals have thousands of stinging cells - little capsules loaded with tiny barbed harpoons - that deliver venom to paralyse and kill their prey.
They boiled the first batch for a few minutes to remove its water and destroy its stinging cells.
When they scrap with the Portuguese Man o' War, these strange sea slugs actually eat the Man o' War's poisonous stinging cells.
They can catch small fish in marine water using stinging cells on their tentacles.
The tentacles (relatively short in the juvenile seen here) arise from eight crescents along the bell's margin and are armed with batteries of stinging cells.
For jellyfish stings, pour lots of vinegar over the area to incapacitate the stinging cells.
Humans who come into contact with its stinging cells may suffer severe allergic reactions, including burning, edema, convulsions, disturbed respiration, psychological disorders, etc.
It is harmless though, as its stinging cells cannot penetrate human skin.