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1. An act of buying something that one previously sold or owned.
2. The repurchase of stock by the company that issued it, as to reduce holdings of a single investor or increase the value of shares by reducing their number.



1. the buying of something that one previously sold.
2. any arrangement to take back something as a condition of a sale.
3. a repurchase by a company of its own stock.
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Noun1.buyback - the act of purchasing back something previously sold
purchase - the acquisition of something for payment; "they closed the purchase with a handshake"
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in Los Angeles, said there are two sides to the coin when it comes to stock buybacks.
AOL and Time Warner executives say purchase accounting will enable the new company, AOL Time Warner, to dispose of unproductive assets and conduct stock buybacks.
About five years ago, banking companies weren't doing regular stock buybacks or Dutch auctions, observes Frank Cicero, vice president at Keefe Bruyette & Woods, a New York investment bank that is acting as dealer manager for the Peoples Heritage auction.
Stock buybacks have many of the same effects-they just work more insidiously, since nobody's complaining.
However, due to an approximate $500 million of debt-financed stock buybacks since June 30, 2006, along with the company's announcement that its Board of Directors authorized a second share repurchase program of up to $1 billion, incremental to the $1 billion program announced June 12, 2006, Fitch expects leverage to increase significantly.
Since Mr Icahn has dropped his proposal, shareholders will no longer need to vote on additional stock buybacks.
The continued, high-level of stock buybacks is being fueled by the abundance of cash, its immediate effect on EPS and the upward impact it has on share price," says Howard Silverblatt, Senior Index Analyst at Standard & Poor's.
In March 2000, The Wall Street Journal proclaimed: "Now stock buybacks have suddenly gotten even more popular.
Stock buybacks - which could reach 9 percent of the outstanding shares - also should boost shareholder value.
However, various analysts' reports have surfaced that stock buybacks may not be enough for Apple to retain its investors.
1% through October 2005, today provided subscribers with a look at companies utilizing stock buybacks to unlock shareholder value, including coverage of Intersil , Time Warner , Tyco and VeriSign .