Stock account

(Bookkeeping) an account on a merchant's ledger, one side of which shows the original capital, or stock, and the additions thereto by accumulation or contribution, the other side showing the amounts withdrawn.

See also: Stock

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Loans from Integrity First Bank of Mountain Home, First State Bank of Russellville and First Security Bank of Searcy were secured by common collateral: Smiley's financial interest in an Arvest stock account.
Most of these apps have password protection, which secures stock account information.
Most of the new trading apps have password protection, which secures stock account information.
0 is an account protection feature which prevents account information (Ebank accounts, stock account, IM accounts, etc) from leaking.
When a holder exercises options the issuer transfers a portion of paid-in capital to its outstanding stock account, but does not recognize any additional compensation cost.
He also knows these could be future colleagues and clients, since former interns have steered him business, including one who referred a $1 million stock account to him, he said.
To secure the dividend deduction, some employers have designated not only the employer matching account as an ESOP but also the company stock account for participant-directed investment of elective contributions as well.
By the end of 1994, the average value of each employee's stock account had reached about $190,000, with many accounts approaching $1 million.
At resale, the treasury stock account is credited for the cost of the treasury stock.
If your stock account is important to you, test your stock-picking strategies out to see if your method for finding winners is a repeatable one.
and any existing credit of the Shares in any stock account in CREST will
Summary: BEIJING - China's finance ministry announced Sunday the abolition of a tax on interest earned on individual stock account balances in a move aimed at stabilising its capital markets.