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"Livestock farming seems to be getting bad press at the moment, but stock farming of this type is entirely sustainable and beneficial to the land and landscape of the area and has been truly evident in this year's competition."
Vice president of the council for Botswana Boer Goat Breeders Society and Botswana Dorper Breeders Society says small stock farming has a potential which Batswana could explore.
There is no vital public importance in the disposal of state land, since its management is regulated by the above special legislation and it can be done mainly in the following instances: (a) disposal of small plots, (b) disposal or lease of land for public benefit, (c) disposal for agricultural purposes and for stock farming, (e) disposal for residence, tourist and industrial purposes, (f) exchange of state land with private property exceptionally for the purpose of aligning and adjusting the boundaries of one or more adjacent pieces of land or for the improvement of the roads, and (g) exchange of state land with private property or part of it.
Their objections concern the numerous derogations (for stock farming) and the fact that genetically modified organisms will not be covered by the regulation.
By some estimates, laboratory-grown meat would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent and water usage by 90 per cent, compared to conventional stock farming. The development of the test-tube meat was financed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who invested in the project because he was concerned about the welfare of animals.