Stock taking

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an examination and inventory made of goods or stock in a shop or warehouse; - usually made periodically.
- Totten.

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We have been patient and understanding towards the management for almost six months but now we are saying that stock taking will not take place in Kericho until we get paid our dues," said Mr Mwangi.
Among the services to be provided include: advising on specifications, stock taking, labeling, installation image, taking depreciated equipment (see tender documents).
Summary: DUBAI - The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the closure of all its Customer Service Centres across Dubai today to carry out annual stock taking.
FUNDRAISERS who collect cash for a life-saving air ambulance service say the charity will suffer after collection boxes were removed for several months for re-branding and stock taking.
stock taking of the fiscal systems of France and Germany.
Purple currently anticipates that it will file with the SEC and Nasdaq a Form 25 relating to the delisting of its common stock on or about 16 November 2009, with the delisting of its common stock taking effect no earlier than ten days thereafter.
This stock taking evolved, by the 1970s, into seemingly endless needs and opportunities to define the "new social history" to teachers and others now a bit more willing to accept legitimacy but still unsure of what subjects and methods were involved.
Window dressing, stock taking or working behind the counter are just some of the different options open to volunteers - with full training given to everyone.
The stock taking, customers account verification and the recruitment of new staff will be finished soon.