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A member of a Mahican confederacy subtribe formerly inhabiting southwest Massachusetts, with a present-day population in central Wisconsin.
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The woods, the rivers, the lawns of Devon and of Dorset, attract the eye of the ingenious traveller, and retard his pace, which delay he afterwards compensates by swiftly scouring over the gloomy heath of Bagshot, or that pleasant plain which extends itself westward from Stockbridge, where no other object than one single tree only in sixteen miles presents itself to the view, unless the clouds, in compassion to our tired spirits, kindly open their variegated mansions to our prospect.
That's what led 11 partners and 12 associates from Miles & Stockbridge PC to move across the street and open the Baltimore office for South Carolina-based Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, according to office managing partner Timothy A.
23 February 2018 - Michigan, US-based Eaton Federal Savings Bank and Michigan-based Stockbridge Bancorporation, Inc.
Eaton Federal Savings Bank, based in Charlotte, Michigan and Stockbridge Bancorporation Inc.
Merseyside police last night confirmed that detectives arrested a man on suspicion of murder after the body of a man in his 30s was found at the foot of the Mosscraig flats in Stockbridge Village during the early hours of December 26.
riley, cppb, procurement specialist, city of stockbridge finance department, 4640 north henry boulevard, stockbridge, georgia 30281, or emailed to driley@cityofstockbridge-ga.
Miles & Stockbridge has continued the expansion of its DC office with the addition of government contracts, corporate and compliance counsel Ted Ebert, former Lockheed Martin executive, the company said.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 2, 2015-Facebook to lease Stockbridge, Capstone building in Seattle area
TWO of new Rangers tycoon Mike Ashley's right-hand men held bar-room talks with the club's hated former director Brian Stockbridge at Scotland's team hotel, the Record can reveal.
By the mid 17th century their diminishing population was augmented by the inclusion of their close relatives, the Wyachtonok, from around New Milford in Connecticut, the Housatonok from near Stockbridge, Massachusetts and the Wapping from near Poughkeepsie essentially forming a confederacy called the "River Indians" by the British who succeeded the Dutch as masters of the fur trade.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-April 21, 2014-Verizon Wireless announces 4G LTE network enhancement in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
While in high school, he developed a talent for landscaping, and was honored to attend the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.