Stock broker

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One of the original founders of a Birmingham stockbroker firm has made a pounds 9 million bid to take over the business.
He said action would be taken against any stockbroker firm which had lured its clients to invest in high risk investment products.
SEC chairman George Charalambous explained that provident funds appoint committees which receive advice from stockbroker firms on how to invest funds.
When Chris Gardner's wife leaves him, the determined salesman takes custody of their five-year-old child and embarks on an unpaid internship with a stockbroker firm. However, the lack of income soon forces the duo out of their home, and each day becomes an uphill struggle.
A gambler stole almost pounds 400,000 over six years from a leading North-East stockbroker firm to fund his addiction.
Zara and Richard ended up together during a memorial party at Hereford racecourse hosted by stockbroker firm Cantor Fitzgerald which lost 658 workers in the September 11 tragedy.
To provide a better life for his family he embarks on an unpaid internship at a prestigious stockbroker firm.
The aforesaid defendants being investment advisors of different Stockbroker firms, had placed orders in the RGEM share using the CDS accounts of certain clients of such Stockbroker firms during the period 2nd to 29th September 2011, by the use of several manipulative devices.
Ecovision said that it was currently putting substantial resources into developing and deepening the relationships with potential large customers such as banks and stockbroker firms.