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A city of central California on the San Joaquin River south of Sacramento. Settled in 1848 just prior to the gold rush, it is an inland port and agricultural center.


(Placename) an inland port in central California, on the San Joaquin River: seat of the University of the Pacific (1851). Pop: 271 466 (2003 est)


(Biography) 1st Earl of. title of (Maurice Harold) Macmillan


(ˈstɒk tən)

a city in central California, on the San Joaquin River. 232,660.
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Noun1.Stockton - United States writer (1834-1902)Stockton - United States writer (1834-1902)  
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Presently he was joined by a fashionably dressed and beautiful young woman and the two walked away up Stockton street, I following.
We traced him from the state hospital for the insane at Napa to the one in Stockton, and from there to the one in the Santa Clara Valley called Agnews, and there the trail ceased.
They got forty of 'em, feedin' 'em in a hotel in Stockton right now, an' ready to rush 'em in on us an' hundreds more like 'em.
We got a billiard-table over from Stockton," half bashfully interrupted Dick Mattingly, struggling from his end of the trunk to recover his composure, "and it had to be brought over in sections on the back of a mule, so I don't see why--" He stopped short again in confusion, at a sign from his brother, and then added, "I mean, of course, that a piano is a heap more delicate, and valuable, and all that sort of thing, but it's worth trying for.
Ole Ericsen verified Charley's conjecture that the Mary Rebecca, as soon as launched, would run up the San Joaquin River nearly to Stockton for a load of wheat.
STOCKTON Riverside College was proud to host the first ever Enterprising Stockton Awards.
If the cost of opening a business account is a deterrent, Stockton advises business owners to conduct a more thorough search for banks that offer free checking accounts to businesses that make a certain number of transactions per month.
2003 13m prod One Ton Ant Moving Images, p Tobi Lampard, d/ph/ed Brian Stockton.
In early December, the Stockton City Council voted 4-3 to issue tax-exempt debt notes on behalf of United Christian Schools, which runs a Christian high school, junior high, elementary and two preschools.
O/A Paige U16: 1 Connor Eyeington Stockton Wheelers, 2 Harrison Lee Hetton Hawks, 3 Ben Massey Stockton Wheelers, 4 Niamh Stinton Cleveland Wheelers.