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a.1.Close; sultry.
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Respecto al desarrollo protalico, Stokey (1950) reporta un desarrollo heterogeneo en los gametofitos de la familia; sin embargo, Nayar y Kaur (1969) mencionan el tipo Drynaria como patron general.
in/entry/porn-industry-piracy-pay_n_4613642) Tim Stokey, the founder of Customs4U said in 2016 that custom porn would allow porn stars to set their own prices depending on the content in the fetish videos the client asked for.
As for [theta], Stokey (1995) observes that if innovations occur every few years, a reasonable value for [theta] can be 1.
Clayton cites Stokey Carmichael's exclusion from Dr King's movement.
Hoyos-Padilla (Pelagios-Kakunja) and WHOI engineer Roger Stokey.
Travis Butters, of Islamorada, put anglers Brock Stokey (age 7) and Jack Brown (age 6) on a wad offish good for the division win, with 10 snapper, 3 tuna, 2 mackerel and a dolphin.
When such endogenous growth models are set within the monetary exchange framework of Lucas and Stokey (1987), the inflation rate (tax) lowers both the return on all capital and the growth rate.
Gametophytic characters have long been evaluated in fern systematics (Atkinson & Stokey 1964, Nayar & Kaur 1971, Atkinson 1973).
By Finn Kydland, Bjorn Lomborg, Tom Schelling and Nancy Stokey
The recursive framework implicated in various economic decision problems requires dynamic programming, which is then, in combination with modern general equilibrium theory, utilized to developed tractable models of dynamic economic systems, as exemplified by Stokey, Lucas and Prescott (1989).
This follows several articles beginning with Stokey (1998), which considers negative effects of pollution on utility and analyze pollution-related externalities and the related policies.