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 (stə-kôv′skē, -kôf′-, -kou′-), Leopold Antoni Stanislaw 1882-1977.
British-born American conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra (1912-1941) and other major symphonies. He founded the American Symphony Orchestra in 1962.


(Biography) Leopold. 1887–1977, US conductor, born in Britain. He did much to popularize classical music with orchestral transcriptions and film appearances, esp in Fantasia (1940)


(stəˈkaʊ ski, -ˈkɔf-, -ˈkɔv-)

Leopold Antoni Stanislaw, 1882–1977, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in England.
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Noun1.Stokowski - United States conductor (born in Britain) (1882-1977)Stokowski - United States conductor (born in Britain) (1882-1977)
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Leopold Stokowski recorded this selection of 15 pieces in 1953 with the egoistically named "His Symphony Orchestra", players from the NBC and New York Philharmonic orchestras.
Although we often attribute the rise of the American orchestra to conductors like Leopold Stokowski and Arturo Toscanini, Judson's simultaneous management of two of the country's most famous ensembles must not be ignored.
In which Disney film did the renowned conductor Leopold Stokowski make an appearance?
SO how does he feel about stepping into the shoes of such esteemed figures as Leopold Stokowski, Eugene Ormandy, and Riccardo Muti?
They included Faulkner's publisher Bennett Cerf as well as David Sarnoff, Eddie Rickenbacker, Nelson Rockefeller, Marc Connelly, Leopold Stokowski, Frank Sinatra, Eugene O'Neill, J.
Barenboim made his debut as a pianist in Vienna and Rome in 1952, Paris in 1955, London in 1956, and New York in 1957 under the baton of Leopold Stokowski.
The story of Samaroff's friendship and marriage to the great conductor Leopold Stokowski is intriguing; actively promoting his career, she even opened the door to his first position as a conductor.
In this article, Stokowski does not rehash the debate, but offers insights on the implications of PPACA from two nationally known nurse leaders.
Looking through recent releases on the Naxos budget label, there is a Stokowski spectacular from Jose Serebrier and the Bournemouth Orchestra, with Bach given the plush treatment.
Maazel began his musical career at the tender age of nine when he shared the Los Angeles Philharmonic with Leopold Stokowski.
As if the music of Wagner were not already luxurious enough, Leopold Stokowski liked to pull together some the good stuff, add some more color to it, call it a "symphonic synthesis," and then turn the orchestra loose.
Evangeline and she had been very close, but Belle didn't realize she was in love until Evangeline announced her engagement to conductor Leopold Stokowski.