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n.1.(Rom. Antiq.) A long garment, descending to the ankles, worn by Roman women.
The stola was not allowed to be worn by courtesans, or by women who had been divorced from their husbands.
- Fairholt.
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al raccolto lembo de la stola / gigli spargendo va, rose e viole>> (I, XV, 57, 400).
Draped in cheap sea-foam-green cloth, face concealed behind a rubbery mask, fake torch held aloft, the artist's green-painted skin became streaked with sweat, staining the costume's polyester stola.
While the shoulders are well marked to differentiate the area of the head, the chest appears covered by stola.
In 2013-2014, the share of people employed in small and medium-sized businesses was only 23 percent of the total employed in the region, while in other regions this number was around 30 percent (Materialy kruglogo stola 2013).
Finally, in last month's excellent feature about cave exploring in Laos (Underneath Laos) we accidentally credited the stunning subterranean photography to Gabriele Stola.
Ugaoni deo (za spajanje 2 stola pod 90) - Angle desk 90 .
20) Raimondi sees in the opening tercet a "grigia atmosfera ecclesiastica" and an "aria claustrale" that "si stende cauta ma prepotente dietro la trama di parole chiave quali 'monaci, Clugni, manto, stola, collegio, cappe, frati'"(239-40).
Stola, Kampania Antysyjonistyczna w Polsce 1967-1968 (Warsaw: Inst.
Abdel Badie signed the final contract with Svaenning Stola for the first floating ship to receive and store LNG and return it to its gaseous state again.
iznad:Gen-ispod:Gen 'above-below' 369 iznad ili ispod stola 'above or under the table'
The Holocaust has cast a shadow onto this great civilization and the generations of Jews who lived in Eastern Europe before the Second World War, as if those centuries of life were little more than a preface to the Holocaust,'' museum director Dariusz Stola said.