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n.1.(Rom. Antiq.) A long garment, descending to the ankles, worn by Roman women.
The stola was not allowed to be worn by courtesans, or by women who had been divorced from their husbands.
- Fairholt.
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Abdel Badie signed the final contract with Svaenning Stola for the first floating ship to receive and store LNG and return it to its gaseous state again.
The Holocaust has cast a shadow onto this great civilization and the generations of Jews who lived in Eastern Europe before the Second World War, as if those centuries of life were little more than a preface to the Holocaust,'' museum director Dariusz Stola said.
After a brief greeting by Museum Director Dariusz Stola, we meet the director of the core exhibition, Barbara Kirschenblatt-Gimblett, the American who orchestrated the international team of a hundred-plus scholars, curators and designers that crafted the exhibition narrative and brought it to life.
When most people think about rebuilding in the Northeast, the walls might be the last thing on their minds," said Frank Stola, Northeast area manager for National Gypsum.
Kirichenko 2010, 140 links Lucius' fixation on the strange letters of the sacred books (11,22,7-8) with his fixation on the embroidered Olympiaca stola (11,24,3), betraying misplaced importance on surface detail.
44, where Mark Antony is depicted as being given the matronly stola and being settled in matrimonio by Curio, and then the constitution of 342, which laments cum vir nubit in feminam.
evae Zone with quite numerous specimens of Stolodus stola, Oistodus lanceolatus and Drepanoistodus forceps.
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Check out its Stola dining table, pounds 1,165, Harold chair, pounds 285, and my favourite and it's newest addition, a red lacquer circular Voyage coffee table, which starts from pounds 179.
STOLA, in San Francisco, California, has been rescuing and rehabilitating hounds, mainly in the US, for the past 10 years.
Dariusz Stola, "Forced Migrations in Central European History" in "'The New Europe and International Migration," special issue, International Migration Review 26, no.
ivol i delo: zbornik radova sa okruglog stola odrzanog oktobra 2003.