Stomach tube

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(Med.) a long flexible tube for introduction into the stomach.

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M2 PRESSWIRE-September 4, 2019-: Global Stomach Tube Market Size Estimated to Observe Significant Growth by 2023 : Radiant Insights, Inc.
Veterinary care will involve immediate treatment with intravenous (IV) fluids, pain medications, and relief of the distention with a stomach tube or a trocar (a needle inserted through the body wall into the stomach).
The boy, now 3, lives with his grandmother in Hanover Park and requires constant care; the child is blind, cannot walk or talk, and must be fed through a stomach tube.
These include: rumenocentesis (Aceto and someone 2000), stomach tube method (Shen et al.
Granufoam, KCI USA Inc., San Antonio, Texas, USA) was cut to 8 cm in length, arranged according to the abscess cavity depth, and sutured to the tip of 14 F stomach tube (Jiangsu Kaishou Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.-PROC; Figure 1d).
One of those included a misplaced nose to stomach tube at Wythenshawe Hospital's Intensive Care Unit.
I stitched it together as best I could and placed a stomach tube so we could feed Ebony without her having to use her mouth.
Mini feed bottles, stomach tube, rubber gloves, lamb macs, baler twine and a small bar of chocolate for when the going gets tough and the shepherdess's spirits need lifting.
Guard (2009) reported that the main/chief clinical signs of megaoesophagus were regurgitation or vomiting, shortly after eating, mild recurrent bloat and discomfort when stomach tube was passed.
She had bedsores, fever, urinary tract infection, acute kidney failure and severe dehydration and had to be fed through a stomach tube. Bouts of intermittent fits with loss of consciousness had a negative impact on her mental and psychological conditions.
If the lamb won't accept a bottle, you may have to use a stomach tube and syringe.