Stomach tube

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(Med.) a long flexible tube for introduction into the stomach.

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Prosecutors said the mother force-fed high concentrations of sodium through the boy's stomach tube because she craved the attention his illness brought to her, especially through her heavy posting on social media.
He is not yet heavy enough for the surgery, but Elaine along with her husband and children have been feeding him with specially blended cat food through a stomach tube.
He could not process food and had to be fed through a stomach tube.
Additionally, he is fed through a stomach tube due to swallowing issues, requires support to maintain a seated position, demonstrates frequent and involuntary movements, and is unable to crawl or walk.
The nine-year-old is fed 24-hoursa-day through a stomach tube and has a line to her heart which delivers vital nutrients.
It needs 10% of bodyweight of colostrum in the first few hours (approximately three to four litres for a Holstein-type calf), preferably fed by a teat or stomach tube.
A smile of relief crossed his face as I connected the syringe to his stomach tube and he pressed the plunger to push the drugs through it.
We'd watched my father labor in a semi-vegetative state in a nursing home, with a stomach tube providing nourishment for the final three years of his life (living wills were not routinely encouraged in the 1970s).
In January last year he had to have a peg stomach tube fitted as he could no longer eat normally.
Time point: post-cardiopulmonary resuscitation with endotracheal tube, stomach tube and temporary pacemaker wire in place for third degree atrioventricular block.
The vet may take X-rays to diagnose the stomach rotation and may decompress the gas accumulated in the stomach by using a stomach tube or needle and catheter.
The treatment given by most veterinarians for impaction is two to four quarts of mineral oil by stomach tube, along with a gallon or two of warm water to soften the mass of feed in the gut.