Stone cat

(Zool.) any one of several species of small fresh-water North American catfishes of the genus Noturus. They have sharp pectoral spines with which they inflict painful wounds.

See also: Stone

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We also told the story of Mr Pickles, the one-and-a-half stone cat.
If you could stroll through the shady Asian garden (page 88), wouldn't you love to linger, letting your eyes wander over the Japanese stone cat, the softly glowing lantern, the miniature Thai spirit house that seems to float over exotic foliage?
The pair, who live in a downstairs council flat, have added new items to the garden over the last six months including a windmill and a stone cat. They said they telephoned the police three times, but although they were given a crime number no one had yet come round to look at the video.
AN animal charity has issued a warning to pet owners not to over-feed their animals after a near two stone cat arrived in their care.
This is the type of genius which would make even a stone cat purr.
The sites of interest are the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's "Cave Train Ride," a window into possible Bay Area prehistory; the "Stone Cats" statues in Los Gatos; Big Basin Redwoods State Park, home of the slice of 2000-year-old redwood; and the Pulgas Water Temple on the San Francisco Peninsula.
And of course all normal people's knick-knacks include a house-warming picture from the Queen Mother, two enormous stone cats from Laurence Olivier, a pair of swords from the Cleopatra set from Richard Burton and a fossilised egg dating from 79AD from the Italian government in thanks for the hugely successful Up Pompeii TV series.
Two stone cats from his close friend Lord Olivier also stand by the fireplace.
Stone cats sit next to a huge pile of logs and stove in a cosy inglenook fireplace.