Stone coal

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hard coal; mineral coal; anthracite coal.

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The original Stone Coal settlement covered a square mile within a "precinct" three miles north-south and nine miles east-west in Shelby County.
The main asset of Guzhang is a stone coal mine covering area of approximately 0.98727 km2 located in Hunan Province in China.
Slieveardagh THIS range of hills on the border between Co Tipperary and Co Kilkenny is rich in anthracite or stone coal as it is known locally.
The Delaware Canal; from stone coal highway to historic landmark.
Visitors each received handouts telling about the Stone Coal settlement from which the village was patterned, the original homes and cabin, and the facsimile cemetery with representative markers, the real Coal Creek Cemetery eight miles southeast, and the Native American settlement that was west of Pana, among other information, plus a Pana historical landmarks postcard.