Stone hammer

a hammer formed with a face at one end, and a thick, blunt edge, parallel with the handle, at the other, - used for breaking stone.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
To what end, pray, is so much stone hammered? In Arcadia, when I was there, I did not see any hammering stone.
His efforts bore fruit and he has so far collected more than 40 artefacts.From the samples collected, he has identified tools that were possibly used by ear-ly man, among them a hand axe, light hand axe, stone hammer, flakes and discoid.
A ( study published in July this year showed the bearded capuchins in Brazil have been using "stone hammer and anvils" to get at food inside a hard covering for "at least 600 to 700 years."
But then: "Quiet!" On screen stand a couple of familiar-looking cavemen, one armed with a wooden club and the other with a stone hammer. They trade noisy blows over the head.
The hammer had a handwritten tag attached that read 'Stone hammer from old workings at extreme South end Bench D-2', and another one glued to the hammer with the same information (Craddock et al.
For supplies, you'll need a brick hammer to knock off edges and tap stones solidly into place; a stone hammer and chisel to break larger stones; a shovel, rake and hoe; a garden hose or mason line; a line level; and stakes.
Or when I'm about to build a stone wall, getting the screening and rubble in nearby mounds, placing the field stone I've gathered on the site, all the chiseled faces facing me so I can see their dimensions, color, texture, the batter-stick and level, the stone hammer and chisels lined up, sharpened, glittering.
When the concrete was firm, we pulled off the forms and smoothed the interior surface with chisel, stone hammer, mortar, and an old brick, using it much as you use sandpaper on wood.
Bidart's best image of this painful state is probably the paradoxical one presented in "Hammer": "The stone arm raising a stone hammer / dreams it can descend upon itself" (21).
The collection opens with "Stone Hammer Poem" and "The Ledger," poems that recount his grandfather's coming to the Canadian prairie.
Hidden warp pipes - After you get the "Stone Hammer" at drydry ruins go back to Toad Town and go in a pipe by the sign that says "PRIVATE" and to the left there is a stone block which you can now smash.