Stone oil

rock oil, petroleum.

See also: Stone

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In "Earth Resin" (in German Reine Erdharze), the second volume of his four-volume book "Topographic Messages from Livonia and Estonia" (in German Topographische Nachrichten von Lief-und Ehstland), it is written on page 532: "According to a man's confirmation, stone oil can be found under a small Estonian manor; ..." (in German Steinohl, welches man nach eines Mannes Versicherung unter einem kleinen ehstlandischen Gut soil gefunden haben; ...) [7].
But if we look again into the scientific books of the 18th century, we can see that stone oil was usually categorized in the same class with petroleum.
Stone Oil Distributor, L.L.C., Westway Terminals Company LLC
9 August 2012 - Texas-based oil and natural gas exploration and production company Abraxas Petroleum Corp (NASDAQ:AXAS) said it had signed a letter of intent (LoI) to break up its Blue Eagle Energy LLC joint venture with Blue Stone Oil & Gas LLC after the partners failed to sell the entity earlier this year.
Natural gas accounts for 95% of the acquired assets.Country: USASector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalTarget: Blue Eagle Energy LLC Buyer: Unnamed partiesVendor: Blue Stone Oil & Gas LLC, Abraxas Petroleum Corp Type: DivestmentStatus: TerminatedComment: The partners sign LoI to terminate the JV.
Abraxas Petroleum Corporation (Abraxas Petroleum) (NASDAQ: AXAS), a San Antonio-based crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company with operations across the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent, Permian Basin and Gulf Coast regions of the US, has signed a joint venture agreement with Blue Stone Oil & Gas, LLC (Blue Stone).
Oil and natural gas company Abraxas Petroleum Corp (NASDAQ:AXAS) revealed on Wednesday that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Blue Stone Oil & Gas LLC to develop the Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas.
After an extremely restful night in the four-poster bed and a hearty breakfast, Hansie took us to the Tyrolean Stone Oil Centre.