Stone perch

the pope.

See also: Perch

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Apparently, while I slept, a thief crept to my front door, hefted the large, concrete Buddha off his stone perch, and carried him away into the night.
The Great Wall, presents a spectacular view and one is compelled to look at the tower windows and wonder about the ancient soldiers who watched for the Mongolian enemy from their lofty stone perch. Social interaction with locals revealed to me the shy, yet hospitable and gracious behavior of Chinese people.
On the final morning I woke up to catch the gray pre-sunrise and found Kirk standing out west on a stone perch, fishing into the Pacific.
MENDON - Early on a muggy Sunday morning, choruses of "Amazing Grace" floated over the rhinos while the chimpanzees looked on from their stone perch. As the sun and the dew point rose higher, the Rev.
The horse's eyes and nose seem vaguely reminiscent of the prince; vaguely reminiscent of that tiny spout of water that rings that puddle just under the prince's stone perch; a kind of nervous tremor which, as it crosses the canvas, converts in the rhythm of the deathless limbs.
Children and adults alike watch in awe as she sits on her stone perch and takes a dip in the pool.