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a.1.Hard-hearted; cruel; pitiless; unfeeling.
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It wasn't the tears or the fears that turned stone-hearted George into Robin Hood.
There's colourful, fun characters, brilliant attention to detail and a plot line to soften even the most stone-hearted Grinch.
Tradition of child killing is only practiced by wretched stone-hearted criminals who disregard the entire humane values and reply to children's cries of wrath through gun, tank, and cannon barrels," Zarif said in a message to a gathering of Iranian children in Tehran's Milad Tower named as EiAeGaza Children, Iranian Children's special program'.
The disappearance of much of southern England beneath floodwater has generated a media frenzy calculated to move even the most stone-hearted.
SHEIKHUPURA -- A stone-hearted man fled after dumping his two infant daughters by a road side in the old city area on Thursday.
Stone-hearted bosses kept their cars in the garage for most of yesterday morning, not wanting to waste their tyre supply in the conditions, leaving rain-lashed fans huddled together in packed grandstands to stare at an empty track.
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, one would be stone-hearted not to laugh at a feathered parody of a bird being battered to bits by burly bipolar building site employees.
There can be no greater proof of this than in the stone-hearted, indifference of this week's welfare reforms.
However, the shameful incident not merely reflected that today's civilised society (not restricted to Bahrain but the world over) still has stone-hearted people.
Based on a true story, the film tracks the life of stone-hearted hitman Richard Kuklinski, convicted in 1986 of murdering 100 men for various New York crime cartels.
The stone-hearted among [the cynics] who listen to Speak Now will find it hard to complain that Swift somehow stole that Best Album Grammy for Fearless.