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also ston·ey  (stō′nē)
adj. ston·i·er, ston·i·est
a. Covered with or full of stones: a stony shore.
b. Made of or resembling stone: stony detritus; stony concrete.
a. Unfeeling or hardhearted; unemotional or unsympathetic: "Her tears had dried and she felt a stony kind of calm" (Adam Haslett).
b. Exhibiting no feeling or warmth; impassive: a stony expression.
c. Emotionally numbing or paralyzing: a stony feeling of fear.
3. Slang Relating to or indulging in the use of marijuana.

ston′i·ly adv.
ston′i·ness n.
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(Peoples) a member of a Native Canadian people of Alberta
[from Siouan]
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Here, too, the bride's aunt and next relation; a widowed female of a Medusa sort, in a stoney cap, glaring petrifaction at her fellow- creatures.
The stoney aunt has likewise an injurious way of rejecting all dishes whereof Lady Tippins partakes: saying aloud when they are proffered to her, 'No, no, no, not for me.
And so, Lady Tippins, quite undetermined whether today is the day before yesterday, or the day after to-morrow, or the week after next, fades away; and Mortimer Lightwood and Eugene fade away, and Twemlow fades away, and the stoney aunt goes away--she declines to fade, proving rock to the last--and even the unknowns are slowly strained off, and it is all over.
And Lincoln defender Stoney (below), who also led Team GB, wants more of the same in the friendly at Rotherham's New York Stadium.
In 1919, the year of his first Canadian tour, the Prince of Wales was himself invested as an honorary chief of both the Bloods and the Stoneys. Chief Little Thunder (or Young Thunder?) performed the Stoney investiture in Banff on 17th September, conferring upon Edward the name of Morning Star.
The sections and the anchor were raised once again, carefully craned onto low-loaders, and driven to Leicestershire to reach Stoney Cove, a distance of some 160 miles.
After clocking 29.35sec in landing an A5 by nearly two lengths at the beginning of the month, Stoney Calling's rate of progress appears to have halted judged on three subsequent defeats in higher grade.
the persona of Billy Green was cut from whole, or nearly whole, cloth to create a Stoney Creek hero who could stand beside Laura Secord.
By discrediting Reilly, Palmater discredits the voices of the Stoney people who are saying that all is not well in our community.
Stoney will serve on the board of Timberland Bank as well.
"What I remember about Stoney as a kid was that he was keen," recalled Moria.
The Stoney Nakoda First Nations is closer than any other First Nation to Banff National Park in Alberta.