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Noun1.stool test - a test performed at home in which you collect specimens of your stool that are tested for traces of bloodstool test - a test performed at home in which you collect specimens of your stool that are tested for traces of blood; used to detect colorectal cancers
diagnostic assay, diagnostic test - an assay conducted for diagnostic purposes
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In October 2017, Nebraska state and local health department officials received an electronic laboratory report of stool culture positive for V cholerae.
We reviewed all cases with stool culture performed and included all infants and children who were diagnosed with nontyphoidal Salmonella gastroenteritis between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2016.
For bacterial pathogens, the median proportion agreeing with causality (i.e., rated "agree" or "strongly agree") was higher for stool culture (90%) compared with stool PCR (83%) and oral swab PCR (30%).
Due to the overwhelming predominance of MRSA in the stool culture and concomitant presence in the urine, isolates from both sources underwent genotyping with whole-genome sequencing.
They defined MDROs as infections of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), gram-negative bacteria resistant to more than three antimicrobial classes, vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), or diarrhea with a positive stool culture for Clostridium difficile.
MRSA enterocolitis might be an underrecognized cause of AAC because stool culture in patients hospitalized for >72 hours has been discouraged (9).
Repeat blood cultures grew Group C Salmonella, but repeat stool culture grew Group B Salmonella.
Amna et al., carried out a study in Faisalabad, Pakistan, on 30 isolates of Salmonella Typhi and found an emerging resistance to cephalosporins, however, no ESBL producing strain was detected.7 In a recent study carried out in Bangladesh, twenty four Salmonella Typhi isolates from stool culture of typhoid patients were resistant to ceftriaxone.8
Though, not a routine practice, stool culture using modified Jones' medium has shown significantly higher yield than stool microscopy (P value=0.0001).
The results showed an overall sensitivity of 99.0% and specificity of 99.9%, when compared with routine stool culture and independent nucleic acid-based methods without any false negative findings.