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Noun1.stop-loss order - an order to a broker to sell (buy) when the price of a security falls (rises) to a designated level
purchase order, order - a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities; "IBM received an order for a hundred computers"
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In fact, STeX aims to become one of the largest providers of crypto asset liquidity by adopting a wide range of traditional financial instruments such as futures and options, together with trading tools: from trailing stop loss orders to take profit orders; and deploying sophisticated HTF market-making algorithms to power the system.
"Clients should still be careful with Stop Loss orders though, these orders are not Guaranteed if a market gaps lower or higher from one price level to another.
As a result of this gap price movement in the value of CHF against majors, most retail forex traders who were short CHF, not only lost their account deposits but also their stop loss orders did not come into play to protect their account balances.
Once they've learnt the way the markets move, they can gradually wean off the Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders and up their sizes, but should still exercise a healthy degree of caution.
Moreover, ETFs trade like individual stocks, so investors may have the flexibility to use the tactics open to stock investors: sell short, use stop loss orders, buy on margin, and trade listed options.
Traders said a hedge fund sold and stop loss orders were triggered on the break of 8.70 crowns.
On May 6, the use of market orders when stop loss orders were triggered may have led to automated selling that resulted in executions at aberrant prices.