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n.1.That which closes or fills up an opening or gap; hence, a temporary expedient.
Moral prejudices are the stop-gaps of virtue.
- Hare.
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As the stone which has been kicked by generations of clowns may come by curious little links of effect under the eyes of a scholar, through whose labors it may at last fix the date of invasions and unlock religions, so a bit of ink and paper which has long been an innocent wrapping or stop-gap may at last be laid open under the one pair of eyes which have knowledge enough to turn it into the opening of a catastrophe.
Of defects did the spirit of those Saviours consist; but into every defect had they put their illusion, their stop-gap, which they called God.
They are intended to serve as a stop-gap arrangement until permanent towers and installations are set up to prevent call drops.
At the time it was made it was still fulfilling its role as a stop-gap model to keep the new factory going until car production could start in earnest after the war.
Figures show there were 10,666 households in stop-gap homeless housing.
Terry Butcher insists his January loan signings are a stop-gap measure before he revamps his Hibs side in the summer transfer window.
But Wenger insisted Fulham's Dimitar Berbatov (above) was not on his radar, even as a stop-gap and also laughed when asked about a January move for Atletico Madrid's Diego Costa.
There will be no government shutdown on March 27 when the current continuing resolution expires, because the House approved a new stop-gap measure on Thursday to continue funding federal agencies for the rest of the 2013 fiscal year.
Company honored with Communicator Award and Hermes Creative Award for stop-gap animated video
Redknapp was considered as a stop-gap option for Chelsea before Roberto Di Matteo got the job on a permanent basis.
The repatriation operation to Ethiopian migrants was possible after some emergency stop-gap funding from Saudi Arabia and Japan.
He is likely to be an only child in a stop-gap job.